more mailboxes

After our early morning walk on the beach, Anne and I drove along Casey Key admiring where some of "The 1%" spend some of their time, but most of all we delighted in their mailboxes! The Manatee...


The Dolphins...



The Pelican...



and my favourite, the Westie...



I'd love to show you their "cottages", but I'm just not comfortable with that,

but this might be the Pearly Gates...


a crunchy beach

The beach along Casey Key, in Nokomis Florida, is very different from a PEI beach. It is entirely made of shells, in whole and in part, but not finely ground. It crunches beneath your feet and I felt very badly about breaking all those BEAUTIFUL shells!  




This guy gave me the creeps. He's a horseshoe crab. Very prehistoric!




This crab was beautifully coloured with highlights of cerulean blue.



Hula Anne enjoying a sunrise walk before Bead Camp.


She gave me great joy. What a wonderful roommate! Thank you Anne!!!


I whizzed by this spectacular mailbox while I was out for an early morning power-walk, in the Bead Camp neighbourhood, in Nokomis Florida. My wonderful roommate Anne and I went back to take these photos on our lunch break. I was so excited, I'm afraid they are all a bit out of focus. This mailbox would make a perfect subject for the "I Spy" books that my kids and I poured over for hours and hours.



Shells, buttons, beads, bits of jewellery, a compass and a watch, a key and some belt buckles.



A flameworked glass bird in my 2 favourite transparent glass colours, turquoise and green.


our tree!

This year we're experimenting with a real tree. I'm allergic to coniferous trees, so it's been years since I've vacuumed up needles. Mark and Megan brought home a "free range" tree, one that was cut from the forest, not intensely pruned for years. I sat beside it and my lips went numb and I was itchy all over. I thought "Oh boy, here we go, we're going to have to toss this tree out, or me." The next day was better, and now it doesn't bother me at all. I think the trick is that the branches are open and airy and the what-ever-it-is that makes me sick, dispersed quickly, and it really is a very small tree.

I especially love that you can hang the ornaments deep into the tree and still see them. It's like they're framed by the branches.

Handmade ornaments only on this 3 feet of wild tree.



Happy Solstice! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!





Tangerine and Lady Bug beads, ready for removal and cleaning, then made into jewellery!  


The mystery of cane cut marbles has begun to unravel for me, thanks to glass artist Francis Coupal. I met Francis at Salon Des Métiers D'Art when I was in Montreal on Sunday. These photos don't even come close to showing you the magnificence of these hand made marbles, but they might inspire you to check out Francis' blog and a series of photos of him making marbles.






I call this the Candy Jar Collection. I could just eat them! bracelets - left to right...

Lady Bug, Seaweed, Daffodil, Candy Jar, Tangerine, Sky

The whole feast - a necklace!

bunch of bracelets

I just put these in the window downstairs. How could a girl choose? Left to right...

Monet's Garden, Hydrangea, Deep Sea, Mermaid (matte), Royal, Dragonfly, Mermaid (glossy).



Hand made means made or prepared by hand rather than by machine. These bracelets are hand made except for the tiny silver balls. I'd be one of Santa's elves if I could do that!





This sparkling bow is on the corner of Sim's Steakhouse. I was drawn to the contrast between the gleaming gold of the bow and the matte black of the wall.  

fox on the Row

Welcome to the Row, Young Folk and the Kettle Black ROASTERY! Adam and his crew roast beans and serve espresso based beverages in this tiny standing room only coffee hotspot, maybe 100 metres from my doorway...

fall blaze

I waited patiently for these leaves to turn, then, for a sunny day. Perfect combination!




I'm embarrassed by the state of my French language skills, so it's BACK TO SCHOOL for me! I took the placement test at UPEI, and am now register in Scott Lee's French 211 class. I paid my tuition and bought my textbook and some bus tickets this morning. My new best friend is a French/English dictionary. I use the 2 cd's for atmosphere in the studio.

My goal is to provide better service for the Francophone visitors to the studio. Merci pour votre patience, tout le monde!

All I need is a notebook and some courage.

7:34 am

aaaaaaaah! On the beach by 7:34 am. Now THAT's the way to start the day.

I found a very interesting piece of driftwood, or you could say "drift fish".