winter wonderland

I LOVE a good snow! This snow was big and light and fluffy, and not a breath of wind.

I was inspired to take the beads outside and see how they looked in the winter wonderland. Beautiful, I must say!

This photo was with a flash.

These 2, without a flash.

The window below the air conditioner, is one of the studio windows.

The sandwich board, and entrance awning, dusted in snow.

The view, from inside the studio.

last summer in the neighbourhood

The Happy Glass Studio in is the historic part of Charlottetown. When the delegates from the Maritime colonies and Upper and Lower Canada came to Charlottetown in 1864 to discuss the possibility of union, they got off their ships and walked in the mud up Great George Street to the Colonial Building. They talked and partied a lot and by 1867 the vast and diverse nation of Canada was born. The colony of Prince Edward Island joined the union in 1873. This is a statue of Sir John A. MacDonald. He was the delegate from Upper Canada and he became the first Prime Minister of Canada. Visitors love to have their photo taken with him. I've seen him wearing a toque, a scarf, and even holding a bottle of beer. I laughed out loud when I saw him being French kissed by a young francophone guy. I love to pat him on the shoulder and say "Good Morning Johnny".

In this photo he's having a "conversation" with my nephew Daniel.

I was puzzled by these glasses perched on top of the marquis at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. Turned out that "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story" was gearing up to play at the Charlottetown Festival. I bought Buddy's Greatest Hits the next day and practiced up for weeks. I sat beside a stranger at the performance, and we sang out hearts out. It was wonderful! Thank you, kind sir, for not putting your fingers in your ears.

My young neighbour friend was pumping away on his swing, but stopped to show me his boots. Best boots EVER!

You know the Stomping Tom Connor's song, "Bud the Spud the guy from the Bright Red Mud"? This is what he's singing about.

I'd been waiting all winter for it to be warm enough to roll up the windows and let the music out. Phew, it was a long one.

Eckhart is the mouse in a story by Island writer David Weale. In "The Meaning of Crumbfest" Eckhart searches for the true meaning of Crumbfest. He wonders why, every year, there is an abundance of crumbs that fall from above. There are 9 statues of Eckhart around Olde Charlottetown, and a map with clues for finding them all. Every couple of weeks I go around to make sure that they are all in place. A snowplow took out one last winter and brazen bold ones take a few each year. I have maps at Happy Glass and I love sending people, especially families, out to search for Eckhart(s).

On the way home.

Iris, in the morning, and in the evening too.

Two of these beauties, on one roof. Were they in at Anne' s eating chocolates?

These wooden kayaks drew quite a crowd. Someone asked if they were mine. In my happiest dream!

Is it blue, or purple, or heaven?

A fountain fairy!

The projecting sign!

Where's Happy Glass?!

Cruise Ship traffic in the Fall.

Doing a "180".

Rather tiny tug.

The "Crown Princess" holding court.

Lindsay Walker, from Walker Studios. Lindsay is a painter (of the fine art variety). His wife, Jeanette, is a master goldsmith, and my dear friend and mentor. I'll add a link when I figure out how.

A wagon-load of sunflowers to decorate the street for Fall Flavours.

MUST be PEI!!!

And then it snowed.