Tangerine and Lady Bug beads, ready for removal and cleaning, then made into jewellery!  


I call this the Candy Jar Collection. I could just eat them! bracelets - left to right...

Lady Bug, Seaweed, Daffodil, Candy Jar, Tangerine, Sky

The whole feast - a necklace!

bunch of bracelets

I just put these in the window downstairs. How could a girl choose? Left to right...

Monet's Garden, Hydrangea, Deep Sea, Mermaid (matte), Royal, Dragonfly, Mermaid (glossy).



Hand made means made or prepared by hand rather than by machine. These bracelets are hand made except for the tiny silver balls. I'd be one of Santa's elves if I could do that!




drawer pulls

When I saw Sandy and Fiona's new kitchen I gasped as I ran my hands over the doors and then said "Oooooh! I want to make glass pulls for your cabinets!" What a gorgeous kitchen! The cabinets are wood, the colour of bleached driftwood, and the countertop is granite, the colour of the red Island clay.

I call this colour mermaid and it's perfect for their kitchen that looks out over the dunes and then the ocean.

winter wonderland

I LOVE a good snow! This snow was big and light and fluffy, and not a breath of wind.

I was inspired to take the beads outside and see how they looked in the winter wonderland. Beautiful, I must say!

This photo was with a flash.

These 2, without a flash.

The window below the air conditioner, is one of the studio windows.

The sandwich board, and entrance awning, dusted in snow.

The view, from inside the studio.

favourite tool

I LOVE my tumbler. A motor drives a band which turns 2 rollers, which rotates the drum filled with 4 different shapes of stainless steel shot, in a solution of burnishing compound and water. Everything comes out sparkling.

beach bracelet

This is the best photo I've ever taken!

Lionel Stevenson made a print of it, which I've hung in the display window.

While I was taking photos my beach buddy was flying a stunt kite. A joyful experience!

Cavendish Beach

Megan and Mark and I went to Cavendish Beach for a stroll, on Canada Day weekend. We're lucky, and we know it! Mark noticed this "location" for doing product photography. Mark's a film maker, so he's got a good eye. This was a small section of dune that had separated from the major dune. To me, it has a Grand Canyon look to it.

The beach is always my favorite place to photograph Happy Glass.

It looks like they're thanking the sun goddess but they're actually shaking out their swollen hands.


My beach buddy.

After a wonderful beach walk we came upon these kids, who's parents either don't care about the fragility of the dunes or can't read. I took loads of photos of these brothers sliding down the dunes, and a couple of photos of their parents,with their backs turned sheepishly towards me.

This car lightened my mood, when I got back to the parking lot!

Happy Canada Day Weekend to you!


I've got a thing for pink this winter. What's up with that? I have a pink jacket, pink boots, and a pink iPod Shuffle. I'm wearing a pink apron and I'm making pink beads. Must be because pink is so darn uplifting on a grey day.

handmade abacus

Occasionally I take Morgan to "Linda's Restaurant " for breakfast. OK, more than occasionally. It is owned by an elderly Iranian couple and they have an abacus, in the case, under their cash register. As I was waiting to pay our bill one day, I got to thinking that it would be wonderful to make my own, with beads that I made, and a frame made by my friend, Brenda Watts. I've been doing a lot of "thinking" about it, until I read Rilla Marshall's blog. Rilla is a fiber artist and her new work will explore the changing coastlines in Atlantic Canada. She's been researching and planning, but then she realized that she just need to "start making something". That was the day that I started making the beads for the abacus.

Just get at it, BJ!

last summer on the beach

Did someone lose a mustache?

Catch of the Day

Lasagna (above)

with a Sea Salad (below).

Flaunting "sea grass and ocean view" as I was exploring this inlet on Greenwich Beach.

My legs were being sandblasted by the sand-filled wind, so I did a little experiment. I laid this cluster on the beach and was planning to wait until it was buried. I was grinning in awe at how quickly it was disappearing and I got sand in my teeth! Enough of that! I wrapped my sarong around my legs and hightailed it to higher ground.

A texture on the beach made with of sea grass.

A nature-made sundials.

Mark enjoys beach-walking as much as I do.

Mark gave me a quick refresher on "depth of field" and showed me how to make better use of the features of my camera.

This makes me think of wild, wild west. Buttes against an Arizona sky.

A lonely ladybug .

last summer in the studio

I took a lot of photos of things and people that made me smile. I intended to post them here, but I was shy.  Well, now it's 2011, and I'm turning 50, and it's time to get on with it. RED Gerbera daisies. JOY! I kept these vibrant flowers on my window sill and then out on my window ledge for months. They were my most successful indoor plant experience ever. I kept trimming the faded blooms, and new ones would appear, like magic.

I can never buy "just one" bouquet from Vanco farms.

The view from inside.

Axel is a connoisseur of glass. His dad  is a hot glass blower.

New friends! Anne and Yvette were touring the Island in a RoadTrek (deluxe camper van). They stopped in, and stayed. The next day Yvette made me my first cappuccino ever and then I went touring with them. We checked out every room at Dulvay-by-the -Sea (a.k.a. The White Sands Hotel), made watercolour paintings and visited Avonlea Village. I had a wonderful day!

The Confederation Centre Gallery runs an art program for kids during the summer. This group of budding artists came up to the studio for a demo of glass bead making. They asked lots of questions and I enjoyed myself tremendously.


A beautiful bunch of handmade headpins.

This oriental blue, silver encased necklace was shipped to Burlington, Ontario. I was very, very pleased with it. The bead is built up in layers starting with the blue at the core, then clear, then the fine silver wire, then more clear the encase the whole bead. When you heat a wire encased bead beyond a certain temperature, the wire will melt and pull into balls, hence the "bubble effect".

This HURT! I dropped the hot rod of glass, and picked it up by the wrong end. It stuck to my fingers for a fraction of a second. I knew right away that they were going to hurt. Luckily for me, there's a restaurant downstairs and I just held out my cup and said "ICE! I burnt my fingers." They could tell by my face that I wasn't kidding.

Mark must have been laughing about something else, not my fingers.

Lily's first earrings, and they're Happy Glass!

Karin traveled from Wisconsin (please correct me if I'm wrong) to visit PEI, and look who's on her map!

Mitten Fluff

I wasn't kidding about the cold. You can see fluff from my mitten, caught in the first cluster on the left!

Clusters at the beach

It was a clear day, so I took a tray full of cluster necklaces to the beach, to photograph them. It was sunny, but I froze my hands. You know that burning sensation you get, after you've been holding an icicle in your bare hand, well... All the gorgeous colours warmed my heart.

More photos from this morning in the Artisan Gallery.