7:34 am

aaaaaaaah! On the beach by 7:34 am. Now THAT's the way to start the day.

I found a very interesting piece of driftwood, or you could say "drift fish".


My very well worn and well loved red sandals have gotten me over many, many hot dunes.


The beach is even more magical in the fog.

In 8 minutes it went from a faint haze of fog to where we were barely able to see the lobster boat racing into harbour (very centre of the photo). That was eery.

reflection on the beach

I noticed something very interesting on my last beach walk. Here is a sequence of photos of the sun reflected on the surface of the water that washed up onto a flat area of sand. The water soaking into the sand was particularly slow and magical.

lunch recommendation

My favourite  fish and chips is from Rick's Fish & Chips in St Peter's. I don't know if it was because I waited on their steps for them to open, or whether is was because it was the first batch of the day, or maybe because I salivated all the way from Charlottetown, but the fish was EVEN BETTER than usual. HOW is that possible?! Light, crispy, flavourful.


Last evening, at Canoe Cove, was magical. The sunset was deeply rich with colour. The stars were twinkling in a clear sky and we launched 50 Sky Lanterns out over the Northumberland Strait.

We had whites ones and coloured ones. The consensus is that the red ones sailed the best.

I don't have any photos at the moment, but I think Lionel does. If he does, I'll add them soon.

beach bracelet

This is the best photo I've ever taken!

Lionel Stevenson made a print of it, which I've hung in the display window.

While I was taking photos my beach buddy was flying a stunt kite. A joyful experience!

a zooooom lens

I bought myself a treat. I LOVE zoom lenses. This one I call "the freckle counter". Wobbly, but artistic. A returning fishing boat to North Rustico harbour, under a full moon.

Cavendish Beach

Megan and Mark and I went to Cavendish Beach for a stroll, on Canada Day weekend. We're lucky, and we know it! Mark noticed this "location" for doing product photography. Mark's a film maker, so he's got a good eye. This was a small section of dune that had separated from the major dune. To me, it has a Grand Canyon look to it.

The beach is always my favorite place to photograph Happy Glass.

It looks like they're thanking the sun goddess but they're actually shaking out their swollen hands.


My beach buddy.

After a wonderful beach walk we came upon these kids, who's parents either don't care about the fragility of the dunes or can't read. I took loads of photos of these brothers sliding down the dunes, and a couple of photos of their parents,with their backs turned sheepishly towards me.

This car lightened my mood, when I got back to the parking lot!

Happy Canada Day Weekend to you!

perfect winter day

The perfect winter day gives me "perma-grim". The perfect winter day has brilliant sunshine that reflects off of light, fresh snow. There is no wind, and branches and boughs are laden with snow. On this perfect winter day, I walked on the Farmlands Trail in the Dulvay region of the PEI National Park. Some adventurous sole had tramped down the path with snowshoes yesterday. The trail is narrow and winding, and in some parts it goes under a canopy of branches, alongside a pond, over a bridge and even through a meadow. I'd love to have a cabin snuggled back in the corner of that meadow. It is so peaceful, far enough from the roar of the ocean, even today. I like to imagine the forest animals congregating in the meadow on Christmas Eve.

The snow came from the east.

The meadow

The meadow again

Next time, the Bubbling Springs Trail.