a complex twistie

Here are some photos that Anne Lindsay took while Heather Trimlett made a complex twistie at Bead Camp. A complex twistie is multiple layers of glass that are stretched and twisted around each other making a spectacular spiral of colour.

This is an overhead view of Heather starting to layer the colours of glass.

Layers and layers of glass, very neatly stacked.

Encased in clear, without trapping any air.

Here you see the magnifying properties of glass.

Heather likes to transfer the encased layers of glass to steel punties for the thorough heating, then twisting and pulling stages of the process.

Twist like crazy while gently pulling. The fine lines of opaque colour help you see that you're twisting evenly.

Heather's twists are always even and the diameter is always consistant.

Here it is, annealed. Fascinating!