silver rings

My dear friend Jeanette is a master goldsmith. She is extremely generous with her skills and her time. Jeanette would like me to put more silver elements in my jewellery pieces. To encourage me on my way she has taught me how to clean castings. After a carved wax has been cast in metal it has a rough, dull finish. In order to give it a mirror finish, you need to remove the rough bits and make the surface as smooth as possible using a variety of hand and power tools. I started with a coarse file and worked down to a fine file, then coarse emery paper to fine emery paper, then I used a polishing compound and finally rouge, to give these 6 rings their mirror finish.

Can you see the thin ring in the fore ground reflected in the surface of the wavy ring? That means I did an excellent job. The ring in the front, on the left, and the 2 in the background are meant to have matt finishes. Their insides gleam though.

I am very, very pleased with what I've learned, and I have started thinking about ways to incorporate silver elements in the Artisan Collection. Stay tuned...