perfect winter day

The perfect winter day gives me "perma-grim". The perfect winter day has brilliant sunshine that reflects off of light, fresh snow. There is no wind, and branches and boughs are laden with snow. On this perfect winter day, I walked on the Farmlands Trail in the Dulvay region of the PEI National Park. Some adventurous sole had tramped down the path with snowshoes yesterday. The trail is narrow and winding, and in some parts it goes under a canopy of branches, alongside a pond, over a bridge and even through a meadow. I'd love to have a cabin snuggled back in the corner of that meadow. It is so peaceful, far enough from the roar of the ocean, even today. I like to imagine the forest animals congregating in the meadow on Christmas Eve.

The snow came from the east.

The meadow

The meadow again

Next time, the Bubbling Springs Trail.