last summer on the Island

On Sundays, Mark and I explore the Island. We travel on heritage roads and I take photos. We also stop to eat.

Vanco Farms grows tulips of PEI. Their fields go right down to the water. It's just like a gigantic quilt.

Happy Dancing Lupins!

When we took Daniel and Brownyn to the ferry, Bronwyn noticed these poppies, so Mark and I went back to see them. WOW!

This is my favorite road on PEI. It is the Warburton Road. A heritage road. A clay road that is not well traveled, and is probably in about the same condition that it was 100 years ago.

A PEI puddle, on the Warburton Road. Chocolate milk, anyone?

Once, we had an apple fall through the sunroof of the old Tercel, on the Warburton Road.

Mark, through a holey maple leaf, on the Warburton Road.

Peace, on the Warburton Road.