last summer with Alexis

This is Alexis working at the jeweler's bench on her first day as the Studio Assistant at Happy Glass.

Every time the Confederation Centre Gallery opens a new show, they invite the neighbourhood galleries to join them in a Gallery Crawl. I asked Alexis if she'd like to "hang a show" in the hallway. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. It was her FIRST show.

Here she is, charming the patrons.

And making her first sale!!!

Paying the street performer.

Making her first bead.

VERY pleased with her first bead.

I set up this mini studio for her, in the hall. She worked on this collage, in coloured pencil, for her boyfriend.

I have a bazillion photos of Alexis, but I'll sum it up with this one...

It was an exciting summer!!!

Thank you Alexis, for the laughs, and the help, and for getting Simply Accounting set up for point of sales.

Good Luck with your experiments and discoveries at NASCAD (Nova Scotia School of Art and Design)!!!!!